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AYK 566B Super Trail
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The AYK Super Trail was AYK's introduction into the off-road market. While AYK reaped notable success in the 1/12 scale on-road market, the off-road market was starting to take off. Once Kyosho entered the off-road market, AYK - like other manufacturers - followed suit.

The 566B Super Trail is a 2WD buggy. Typical of AYK engineering, it consisted of an innovative aluminum chassis, enclosed state-of-the-art transmission with all aluminum gears, and a waterproof radio case..

The 566B came in two different body styles, the more commonly found Bison and the harder to find American Pickup. The 566B sported a stock 540R motor and came with two sets of drive pinions. Outside of the radio case (complete with watrerproof weatherstripping), there is little plastic to be found. Even the standard shocks are all aluminum and are similar to those found on Tamiya's SRB models and later sold by CRP as hop-ups.

The AYK Super Trail initially came packaged in large boxes and blister packed parts. Later the Super Trails began being packaged in more compact boxes without the blister packs.