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AYK Sidewinder
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  The AYK Sidewinder was the successor to the 566B Super Trail. It's a 2WD off-road buggy that clearly exemplifies the innovative use of aluminum that AYK is known for. It is certainly one of AYK's most unique buggies mixing both artistic flair and functionality. The AYK Sidewinder came in two versions, one with a solid lexan body and the other with a body/rollcage. It was introduced to compete against the Kyosho Scorpion. The goal was to create a lightweight buggy with a low profile and tight wheel control.
Several features stand out in this model. For one, AYK switched its transmission from a horizontal (566B) to a cross-wise position improving performance. In addition, it used front double semi-trailing arms (considered state-of-the-art at the time) and enclosed its shock absobers inside the body shell, limiting their exposure and improving aerodynamics. The rear trailing arm suspension is similar to the Tamiya Frog (which in fact won the German championship in 1984).
The Sidewinder was also marketed in alternate packaging known as the "Gator". The model was identical, but the packaging had obvious differences. (A big thanks to our friend and fellow collector Don in New Zealand for the pictures of his Gator box - now we just have to work on getting it from NZ to the USA!)