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This AYK museum would not have been possible without the help and support of a lot of collectors out there. While shopping portals such as Ebay and Yahoo have helped us with many of our acquisitions, some of our acquisitions had some sentimental value attached to them. One of special significance involves several pieces we purchased from a gentleman named Tom who was handling an estate sale. From the items we received, it was evident the original owner had taken great care in his collection. Upon our request, the Trustee allowed us to credit the original model maker whose gentle and lifting spirit is heartfelt in the pieces of his collection we have displayed.

The original Model maker was Eugene John Sullivan, Jr. In the early 60's he moved to Long Island and began working for PAN AM, becoming their Lead Foreman for Baggage and Ramp Service. This during a period when Pan Am was still able to find your luggage. He had a very mechanical mind, started in his youth. His first models were the Visible V-8 Engine and the Visible Frame. His interest and ability gradually grew, until he began building more serious models. His favorite were the AYK's, having built about 10 different ones. Some were damaged after his death but several survived and are now a part of this online museum. Mr. Sullivan was meticulous in his work, but never really enjoyed using them and most of his work was set on display. He would sometimes 'con' one of the Pilots from Pan Am to visit his collection. They would attempt to use one or two of the items that he had all the required radio equipment for. His niece and nephew talk of him with great reverence and as he never married, was the man they got to do things with. Mr. Sullivan was a man of integrity, ethical values, warm smiles and wonderful to be around.

We are very humbled that we were in a position to acquire part of Mr. Sullivan's collection which is now respectfully presented via our web site. Thank you Eugene John Sullivan, Jr.!

We would also like to thank those whom support our museum in other ways. These include diehard collectors such as Paul Yang who have built up some very nice looking AYK web sites and blogs. Paul has a nice blog set up at and he has given us a very nice credit HERE . We encourage everyone to visit! Thank you Paul!

Among many others, we would also like to offer our sincere thanks to Kuen and his beautiful family (China), Rob Geremia (Australia), Don McLean (New Zealand), Grant Bennie (New Zealand), Azuma (Japan), "Barry Pops" (Japan), Darryn - his website (Australia) and so many others from all over the world!

What a truly great experience this has been meeting people from all around the world who have made this a wonderful adventure!!

-Alex Oliva